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Sun. Jul 27th 2014
Busy Sunday For Western Salisbury

It was a busy Sunday afternoon in Salisbury Township! Western Salisbury began the day with the utilization of their new QRS c...

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Tue. Jul 8th 2014
MVA With Entrapment

On July 8th at 2:00 p.m. Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to I-78 in conjunction with station 27, 20, 18...

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Santa Caroling Parade Coming December 20th!

Santa Clause is coming to town!  Everyone get ready, its that time of year again!  Its time for annual Western Salisbury Christmas parade and Santa Clause himself has made contact.  Santa has taken time out of his hectic Christmas schedule to accompanying the Western Salisbury Fire Department in wishing the wonderful residents of Salisbury Township a Merry Christmas.  Santa is bringing along candy canes for the children and special dog treats for the pooches. Santa will be making rounds on Saturday December 20



Western Salisbury Participates in Fire Prevention Week!



As they have done every October for the past five decades, volunteers with the Western Salisbury Fire Department went into schools and day care facilities Fire Prevention Week programs in the township to emphasize principles of fire safety for youngsters in their impressionable years.
Statistics bear out that the school programs reap dividends for township residents as the township is among the most fire-safe municipalities in the state. The youngsters take the message home to share with their families and awareness is leveraged more widely.
WSFD Fire Chief Joshua Wells emphasized the importance of having a working smoke detector in every room of a home, especially in every bedroom.
Wells gave the children "homework" during every school program. "I want you to go home tonight and check to make sure you have a smoke alarm in your bedroom. If you don't," Wells said, "you come back to school and tell your teacher and they will let us know so we can provide one for you."
Wells also said it is important to test the smoke detectors every month, and to change the batteries twice a year when we change the clocks in the spring and fall.
Wells also talked about the importance of family home fire drills, and for families to designate a spot as a gathering place to make sure everyone is accounted for in a fire situation.
"If you have a fire, or smoke, in your home," Wells said, "I want you to get out and stay out. Don't go back for something you may have left. Tell a fireman when they arrive, and, if we can do it safely, we will retrieve it for you."
Wells also talked about the 911 telephone connection to the county communications center. "That's not a toy to play with. Only use it if there is a real emergency, and help will be sent to your home. If you call just to see if someone is there, maybe someone who really needs help won't be able to get through, and we don't want that to happen," Wells said.
When Wells asked what a youngster should do if their clothes caught fire, a loud chorus of "stop, drop and roll" was their response in every school.
"We know some of these principles are passed from older brothers and sisters to their younger siblings," Wells said. "They know the responses even in their first-year exposure to the fire prevention programs."
They know that lighters and matches are dangerous and need to be taken to an adult, Wells said. "And, we emphasize that it is not bad to 'tell' on someone that is playing with them. " It could be a life-saving gesture," 
The school programs have another benefit that reflects positively on the community, Wells said. "We have more than a dozen firefighters in Western Salisbury FD, and in our sister station in Eastern Salisbury, that sat in these fire prevention programs as elementary students years ago. That introduction to firefighters has stayed with the students throughout their educational careers, and we see many of our volunteers showing up as junior firefighter volunteers  when they turn 16 years of age."
By: Jim Marsh

Western Salisbury Community Day Sept 20th at 11:00 AM!

Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company will be hosting our annual Community Day on Saturday, September 20th! Festivities will begin at  11:00 AM in the Green Acres Park just off Green Acres Drive. Come out and join the Western Salisbury family for  fun and excitement the whole family can enjoy!


Seven Call Day for Western Salisbury

On the morning of Thursday, August 28 at 9:24 AM, WSFD along with stations  20, 3, and 62 were dispatched to reports of  a dwelling fire. Salisbury Police quickly arrived on the scene and reported smoke showing. From that report, Fire Chief Joshua Wells upgraded the call to a second alarm, sending stations 1, 7, 30, and 32. 31-11 was the first engine on scene and found a small fire in the basement. Through the help of supporting fire stations and Salisbury PD, personnel quickly extinguished the fire with minimal damage to property. Throughout the rest of the day Western Salisbury was kept busy with six other calls including a mulch fire, two MVA's w/ injuries, a commercial structure fire, and an unconscious medical assist. Photocredit: T&C Photography more photos can be found at tandcphotos.com.


Busy Sunday Evening for Western Salisbury

Photocredit: Nester Video Productions

It was a busy Sunday afternoon in Salisbury Township! Western Salisbury began the day with the utilization of their new QRS certification to respond to a cardiac arrest at the Devon House.  Several hours later Western Salisbury responded to Lehigh Valley Hospital for a Rubbish Fire with exposure. As the weather changed that evening, Western Salisbury was called around 10:26 PM for a house struck by lightning. Upon arrival, no fire was showing. Upon further investigation  a fire was found in the chimney with minor extension . Chief Wells called for a second alarm which included Stations 20, 3, 30,7, 32, and 62. Through great teamwork, Western Salisbury was able to control the fire within minutes which allowed for minimal property damage. Photocredit: Nester Video Productions. See more pictures at Nester Video Productions Facebook Page.








Last week, the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company completed a licensure program for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services Office, Quick Response Service. By gaining a Quick Response Service (QRS) licensure, the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company is recognized as being properly prepared to respond to an emergency incident and provide emergency medical services until the arrival of an ambulance. We would like to thank Medical Officer Firefighter/EMT Jonathan Al-Khal and Firefighter/Paramedic William Sames for spearheading this effort!





On May 4th, the Race for Adam Foundation hosted their annual Race for Adam. Adam suffers from Niemann-Pick C Disease, which is a currently incurable sickness. To show our support, the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company sent our Ladder, 31-31, Engine 31-12, and  Engine 481 to give fire truck rides. The event was a huge success and showed outstanding community support for a very worthy cause. The WSFD wish the best for Adam and his family and can not wait to see them again next year! For more information and to donate for the cause, visit http://www.raceforadam.org/

Interested in joining the Western Salisbury family? Print out an application from our "Join Us" page and fill it out. Then stop by, any Monday night, between 6:30 and 7:00pm and drop the application off!


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